New Album

Arks new album, The International, will be released Summer 2007 on Highwheel Records (Chicago)

Been awhile, we know. Last we spoke, we were having some kind of party for a compilation we were on. The label that put out "Welcome To the Future?" Highwheel. The fine people over there thought we would make a good album, so they tossed gobs and gobs of money our way. We're talking six figures, people. We took it. We had to sell out. What if we wanted a child? Or a sports car?

So, long story short, we're recording an album. A proper album, not something containing "four of our best songs" or whatever hot air bands like us like to blow up everyone's asses. Fourteen songs, people. It's for real. In fact, we're almost done mixing it and it will be in Santa Monica getting mastered at Threshold Mastering in March.

The International is the first peice of proper recording of the band. We're all in agreement about this, which is great since we have to play the shit out of the songs to earn that six figure salary. As soon as humanly possible, we want to get new songs up on Msypace, our website and of course, into the hands of people. The official release date hasn't been set yet, but we're looking at summer.

Until then, we will try not to neglect you. In turn, you will try not to neglect us.


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