This One Time, In Omaha...

The glennome was sighted inside a truck stop diner, the Apple Blossom (or something like that), where the coffee was hot and the ham was in-bone.

It's day four of the tour. I treated the fellas to a Motel 8 suite last night so we could get some shut eye before 3am. So many people on this tour have been generous, offering places for us to stay, fridges full of beer and free pizza. It's all karma coming back to slap us on the back. But, serious sleep was needed.

Weird crowd last in Omaha. I'm not sure anyone really liked what we did. Or, maybe they did and we just confused them. The response after each song went like this: silence, thinking faces, excited applause. From the side of the stage, this one guy kept asking me between songs if I liked Soulside. That's not the first time I've been asked that in context with Arks. To answer everyone's question: No, I haven't heard Soulside. Send me MP3s or point me to some vinyl, I would check it out. Then, next time someone asks me if I like that band I can say, "Yeah, I love Soulside. They're like my most favorite band ever. Can you tell?"

Omaha Set List
The International
Matthew Teller
Rot It Out
Maritime Snakes
Sudden Freeze/The Ice Shelf/The Thaw
Bring Me Equinox
Lightning Werewolf
Trap Shakes


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