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Before I forget, I have to give some credit to IFIHADAHIFI for playing the first two shows with us. Those are some great fellas. Milwaukee was a blast, playing for a crowd of 40 people in a small backroom of a gallery. I love those kinds of shows.

St. Paul was interesting. We went through the entire list of venues there until we got to the very bottom and this venue known for having metal bands booked us. Why? I have no idea. I think the sound guy was a little disappointed when I asked him if it was Steve Miller he was playing. It was Thin Lizzy. Christ, I need to get out more.

The band the venue booked to open was some hippie jam band from Duluth. IFIHADAHIFI begged to play after, if only to show them how to have a real acid freakout. That would have been great, but the band never showed up. They probably checked out us out online and got scared. Or, maybe they were smart and just didn't show. I'd go with the latter. With a name like Hobo Children of Uncle Frank, they've probably never heard of the internet. The other band that played - our friends, Mise en Place - did a bang up job, despite the audience consisting of only band members. Michael, who plays guitar, treated us to a fridge full of beer and some cheesy-melty pizza (looking for endorsements, unsaid corporation!). There were something like 100 beers in that fridge, which prompted Yale Delay (HIFI) to request a 100 beer challenge. I'm sure we could have met it, chests high and proud, if only we all tried harder. But old age and the late night caught up to everyone before we cracked 25.

The next afternoon we went out to the Convention Grill for some good, old-fashioned burgers and to say our goodbyes.

We did have a glennome sighting shortly before we left for Omaha.

St. Paul Set List
The International
Matthew Teller
Rot It Out
Maritime Snakes
Sudden Freeze/The Ice Shelf/The Thaw
Bring Me Equinox
Lightning Werewolf
Trap Shakes


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