Against Myself

So, we're sitting here in front of the Velvet Lounge, in our van passing the time. Some teenagers walked by, stopped and then came up to the window. One of the girls was overly excited and shouted through the window, "OH MY GOD ARE YOU THE DRUMMER FOR AGAINST ME?"

I guess having a beard and glasses makes me look like what's his name... (google search) ... Warren Oaks.

I kept telling her no, I'm not the drummer for Against Me. I even opened up my door and showed her Glenn, who was sleeping in the driver's seat. "That guy's a drummer. I don't play drums. And, I'm definitely not in Against Me."

She still wouldn't believe me. Apparently, that band was playing the 930 Club down the street from the Velvet Lounge, so it seemed plausible to her.

"Do you think against me would be touring in a Dodge Ram van with a trailer? They'd probably have a bus," I reasoned.

"Oh yeah, I guess. Wait, are you fucking with me? You better not be!"

I don't know. Maybe I should have pretended I was Warren Oaks, but I really don't have the beard for it. Or the desire to turn on teenage girls.

Ask yourself, does this guy look like he plays in Against Me?

Mat Biscan, bass player unknown

Warren Oaks, drummer extraordinaire.

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