Two T-Bones

Kansas City, you've been Arks'd. We played a nice, small venue in a strip mall called Record Bar. The place reminds me a lot of the Empty Bottle. It's got a great sound system, room to hang out and they book some great bands there.

There weren't many people at the show, but I think we found some of the most excited ones yet. Pretty soon, we'll be the biggest band to all the bartenders and sound guys in the Midwest. I think we're just starting to hit our stride, though. The show was so fun to play and the handful of people there made it an amazing show.

There was also the fact that the bartender knew a friend of ours in Chicago. And, a couple nights ago a Chicago band played there and left us a note. Nice surprise. Thanks for giving us a little taste of home.

Afterwards we hit a Denny's. Lanny tried to pick up the waitress, which would have been fine if she wasn't in her mid 60's. Actually, he was just ordering a burger with two t-bones used in place of bread. Here's to whiskey.

Kansas City Set List
The International
Matthew Teller
Rot It Out
The Spoils
Safe and Sound
Bring Me Equinox
Lightning Werewolf
Trap Shakes


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