Every small band on tour should play Knoxville. It's a small city there's a lot of appreciation for music there. The house we played at was full and the floors shook while the bands played. We got to play with two incredible bands, too.

Untied States has changed a lot since I last saw them. Skip and Colin changed up the band since then and they've found some great people. When they play, they play like a real band. It's really showed me what it takes to do something interesting live. Just play like you mean it, really. As a friend recently said about them, they play like it comes naturally.

Woman was the Knoxville band. Their frontman wore this black and white checkered sweater, had a bushy beard and a bald scalp with long hair hanging off the sides. It's not often we get to see, let alone play with, bands like this one.

A great frontman is hard to find, especially when they don't even play an instrument. The band was good and heavy. I lost my earplugs and ended up having to watch them from the outside.

We played pretty well ourselves, but halfway through Trap Shakes, all the plastic knobs and switches on my bass snapped off - including attached metal parts. The bass was toast, with two songs to go. Skip lent me his Ric, despite the fact that he poured beer down it a few nights before and it no longer rendered any high frequencies. What disappointed me the most about it was that the bass didn't catch fire. I would have even settled for a piece of plastic impaled in someone's leg. Instead, I looked like an idiot dancing around with no sound coming out.

We spent the rest of the night at a 3 story bar down the street. We ended up crashing on the same floor we played, woke up early and went out for breakfast. Before we headed out for Athens, we went to Music Room in Knoxville. Brad, the owner, was helpful and directed us to a repair shop. Unfortunately, the repair guy was backed up, so we ended up having to get a new bass, which might turn out to be a great addition to the band. A Japanese Fender Mustange reissue. The neck even has the same stain my Jaguar Bass has. It has a short scale neck, but it sounds a lot like the Jaguar in passive mode. I ended up picking up a SansAmp pedal to replace the high-end boost I was getting from the Jag in active mode. It's not the same, but it sounds pretty good for what it is.

Set List:
The International
Matthew Teller
Lightning Werewolf
Bring Me Equinox
Trap Shakes
Cars on Fire


Anonymous Erin the Overstuffed Turkey Lady said...

Gee...you guys are swell. We enjoyed playing with you as well and we miss you. And I feel the same way about the way that you play! Like it's just-a comin outta like-a pasta fazul!

Hope you had a great gobble, gobble day!!!!



November 23, 2007 4:20 PM  

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